Forever Unclean – Woof EP (Disconnect Disconnect / Hidden Home Records / Bearded Punk / Pee Records)


You’re craving for some relatively cheerful mid-tempo tunes full of melancholic melodies and singalongs? Then Woof EP by Forever Unclean will be right up your alley. Perhaps I am a bit late with discovering this band but better late than never. Forever Unclean are coming from Copenhagen, Denmark and Woof EP is their third release which has been published by a couple of pretty active record labels. The band is following their already tested pop-punk formula with a lot of influences borrowed from a skate punk scene. Their tunes are sounding cheerful even when their music is in minor and they’re a really a perfect band for shaping up a good mood. The bass guitar is almost at the same levels as guitars and those bass lines are adding a lot of mass to really great riffs which are mostly comprised of major bare chords. Drums are well produced so you can even hear the tiniest punch recorded till perfection and I simply love that warm sound of a snare drum. Speaking of arrangements, Forever Unclean is using all the elements of a pop-punk, but with a lot more sense involved in a whole writing process, it seems these guys are made to write good pop-punk songs and they’re doing it sincerely from their hearts. These guys are not joking at all and you can hear it in their vocals which are not cheesy and overproduced like you would expect from pop-punk bands, singalongs are great additions to the brilliant arrangements and with a formula like this, nothing can go wrong. Woof EP comes with a photo of a dog standing on a roof as the cover artwork and I kinda dig this style, it suits well to the music, it will definitely attract people to buy this EP. Woof EP has been published by various labels, such as Disconnect Disconnect, Hidden Home Records, Bearded Punk and Pee Records, so you have various options to grab this phenomenal EP and enjoy in some good pop-punk tunes.




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