UK Subs – Screaming Senile EP (UK Subs Records)


The UK Subs are an English punk band and among the earliest in the first wave of British punk rock bands with legendary Charlie Harper being the only constant members since their formation. UK Subs have influenced countless punk rock bands during the years and helped out in the birth of the infamous UK82 scene with their constant presence. Another Kind Of Blues, Brand New Age, Crash Course, and Endangered Species are just some of the legendary albums from their astonishing discography which counts tons of albums, live albums, bootlegs, singles, and compilation appearances. Screaming Senile EP is their latest release published sometime in december last year and it contains five banging punk rock tunes which are similar to their previous material in so many ways. Mainly, they stick to their own formula, which is a classic punk rock mixed with a little bit of pub rock, but it seems they’ve added some aggression to their tracks mainly characteristic for eighties hardcore punk bands. Still, UK Subs are doing their own thing, the band sounds so tight with a lot of energy involved, riffs are still better than a lot of riffs presented by the louder bands on the scene, bass sounds divine and drumming is pretty much impressive. Keyboards and harmonica are great additions to some of the tracks and it’s always great to hear the presence of nonstandard instruments in punk rock compositions. Charlie’s voice is still incredible like he’s in his twenties, not seventies and still he’s adding a lot of dynamics to the band with his vocal performances. All the tracks are in the mid-tempo with some variations added in the middle, the arrangements are amazing and considering this is their who knows what release to date, they still have a lot of ideas and a lot to say. Screaming Senile EP is followed up by some great abstract artwork of a character screaming while his inner self is leaving and it’s available as 12” record and digital download directly from UK Subs website. Make sure to check this one out if you fancy some classic English punk rock delivered directly from the streets of London.