Crossfire Collision – Deadlock EP


Deadlock EP is a brand new, or to be precise, the fourth release by the Cape Town’s Crossfire Collision, which has been active since 2011. This material includes some lineup changes, including  Sean Devey on the drums and Bruce McDougall, while the constant members comprised of Matthew James on vocals, guitars and Devon Martindale on guitars, back vocals are also present on their previous releases. This material came to me as a pleasant surprise since I am not familiar with Cape Town’s scene or the entire South African scene, so to speak. Crossfire Collision possesses all the elements of a modern melodic punk rock band, but with a lot more hardcore punk approach which is hearable throughout whole Deadlock EP. Still, Crossfire Collision uses blistering melodies as their ultimate weapon of choice to express what they want to say as a band, with guitars constantly being their main source of expression. There would not be a perfect band without some impressive bass lines which are hearable during the entire Deadlock EP. Drums are very well produced, you can hear each drum part working separately entire time and I simply love how the drummer is holding these compositions altogether. Vocals are one of the highlights of this band, they’re not cheesy considering this is a pop punk band who are incorporating all the elements of good old skatepunk music played during the 90s. Crossfire Collision are easily balancing all the arrangements on all the tunes, there are no those boring parts which will lose your attention and it’s simply divine how the energy of this band is flowing around all the time. Deadlock EP will suit to all the fans of Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Nitro Records or any other record label dealing with melodic music and it’s available at Crossfire Collions’s bandcamp page as a digital download, but hopefully, this amazing material will see the light of the day as a physical release at the nearest future.