Abolitionist – A New Militance MLP (1859 Records & Different Kitchen Records)


Somehow I’ve missed this one when it came out, but better late then never. Abolitionist are political punk band from state of Oregon, USA and first thing I’ve noticed on their A New Militance MLP is pretty neat cover artwork depicturing female activists wearing black hoodies and bandanas, with pink flags waving all around while the city is burning at the very background. Once again, another great band is giving props for the efforts some of the activists are giving in a struggle for women rights. It’s a cause we should participate in one way or another. Abolitionist are delivering eight brand new tracks and for those who somehow missed their music before, it’s all about simple, but yet effective hardcore punk in vein with bands such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Germs… just to name a few, but with a lot better production and much more melodic punk rock ideas involved. What I really like about Abolitionist is how all instruments involved in their recording process are present equally, so you can hear bass lines all the time while both recorded guitars are dueling at both speakers. Just add some socially conscious political lyrics and you will get a hint what their album is all about. New album brings much better production than their previous recordings and you’ll probably hear every bits and pieces of this recording without any fuss. A New Militance is available as 10” MLP through 1859 Records and Different Kitchen Records, but if you’re fan of magnetic tapes, you can also grab a limited cassette edition through Death Culture Tapes or No Time Records. However you decide, you’ll not be disappointed by the sound of the Abolitionist’s A New Militance record.