Qualia And The Five Ancestors Of The Great Maryland Kingdom – Qualia Over Quantia (Polyscope)


The more I listen to Qualia And The Five Ancestors Of The Great Maryland Kingdom, the more I am confused in my determination to classify their music into one specific genre. So I caught myself listening to their brand new album Qualia Over Quantia, not in order to define their music, but to hear musical diversity in each song repeatedly. The result is even more confusing, because once again I am at the very begining after each listening, without clear thoughts if I want to stop listening to it or do I want to listen it once more.
Don’t get me wrong, their music is pure technicality, perfectly executed skate punk full of explorations into other musical genres. It sounds like you threw instuments into a room full of tech geeks and told them to play as best as they can, so they firstly wrote formulas at the blackboard, then took instruments in their hands and started with composing songs for Qualia Over Quantia. Each riff, each bass line, each drum beat, all lead vocal parts and singalongs are well calculated from one composition to another, submerged to technical punk rock symphony till perfection. Qualia Over Quantia is available digitally through Polyscope, DIY experimental platform dedicated to music, so get to their bandcamp with warp speed, purchase the album and support this amazing band. This is the quantum physics of punk rock and the tech geeks will love it!