Profoss – S/T EP (Adult Crash Records)

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Profoss are Swedish band from Skåne region made up by members of Terrible Feelings, Infernoh and many many more. Their debut self titled EP brings a sonic devastation in a d-beat form less than nine minutes. Knowing the fact that Sweden is mostly famous by delivering quality d-beat bands, once again Profoss are proving that Sweden will continuously stand at the peak of d-beat genre. Musicwise, it’s the same old thing over and over again, but that’s kinda what you can expect if you’re true fan of d-beat bands such as Anti-Cimex, Avskum, Totalitar, Meanwhile or any other swedish band. Also, I have to mention that production is taken to the max, everything is hearable, from distorted bass and awesome guitars to cymbals, bass pedal, snare and amazing distorted vocals. Profoss are singing in their native language, but it will not bother even the pickiest listeners who are used to listen band who sing in English language. This self titled 7” is published by Adult Crash Records, so take a chance and treat yourself with this amazing EP.